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What can the Einscan HX be used for?

What can the Einscan HX be used for?

What can the EinScan HX be used for is actually a broad range of industrial applications, including in the automotive, shipbuilding, machining and research fields.

Its blue laser light source is ideal for scanning reflective surfaces like metal as well as dark objects.

The EinScan HX also has a rapid scan mode of up to 1.2 million points per second, ideal for efficiently capturing large objects, and a minimum point distance of 0.05 mm and up to 0.04 mm accuracy, making it ideal for reverse engineering and measuring applications which is enhanced with the inclusion of the 3D Systems package GeoMagic Essentials that offers extended mesh model to 3D spline conversion.

  • Can I use the EinScan HX for fixed scanning?

          No, the EinScan HX is a handheld 3D scanning solution.

  • Can the EinScan HX capture colour data?

          Yes, the EinScan HX has a built-in colour camera and can capture full-colour data in rapid scan mode.

  • What types of surfaces can the EinScan HX scan?

          Using the scanner’s laser scan mode, users can easily capture reflective and dark colour surfaces,
          such as metal, as well as objects in ambient light.

  • What are the benefits of blue light for 3D scanning?

          Compared to laser and white light, blue laser light is a stronger light source, which makes it better for
          capturing dark or reflective surfaces. Moreover, because blue light is less prevalent than white light,
          it has less interference in the scanning environment.

  • What computer configuration should I use with the EinScan HX?

          SHINING 3D recommends the following computer configuration for optimal use of its handheld scanner:
          Win10 operating system, 64 bit; NVIDIA GTX1080 graphics card or higher; ≥4G video memory; 17-8700 processor;
          and ≥32GB of memory.

  • Does the EinScan HX have any post-processing functions?

          Yes, the 3D scanning solution offers a range of post-processing functions, including data simplification, hole filling,
          smoothing, sharpening, measuring and movement. Extra capabilities included with GeoMagic Essentials.

          No, the EinScan HX is a complete solution – see more here