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3D Scanners and their application

Professional 3D scanners at a new low cost entry point...

You don’t have to envision it any longer you can use reverse engineering. Every day, thousands of companies are using 3D scanners and software to:

  • Create CAD models of real parts to capture lost designs, update existing products and create new ones
  • Verify product quality by comparing manufactured parts to CAD designs for analysis of wear
  • Make mass customised products for health care, dentistry and fashion
  • Scan entire buildings or airplanes to create accurate 3D models
  • And much more

This is not science fiction. 3D scanners and accompanying software are now within the reach of many. Scanners are faster, less expensive and more accurate than its predecessors. 3D scan processing software is more automated, creates better results, and works faster than ever before.

How Do These Machines Work?

This technology is based on the idea of using light to capture the geometry of the physical world. This can be done at a variety of different distances. Because the major component is light, different distances require different machines that can operate at those focal points.


Laser Triangulation 3D Scanners

Laser triangulation scanners use either a laser line or single laser point to scan across an object. A sensor picks up the laser light that is reflected off the object, and using trigonometric triangulation, the system calculates the distance from the object to the scanner.

The distance between the laser source and the sensor is known very precisely, as well as the angle between the laser and the sensor. As the laser light reflects off the scanned object, the system can discern what angle it is returning to the sensor at, and therefore the distance from the laser source to the object’s surface. After many measurements like this, the object would have a digital version of itself.

Structured Light 3D Scanners

Structured light scanners also use trigonometric triangulation, but instead of looking at laser light, these systems use a projector to display a series of linear patterns onto an object. Then, by examining the edges of each line in the pattern, they calculate the distance from the scanner to the object’s surface. Essentially, instead of the camera seeing a laser line, it sees the edge of the projected pattern, and calculates the distance similarly

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3D Scanning for large scale projects

High end markerless and huge scale projects

ScanTech - Trackscan -Industrial 3D measurement System


TrackScan-P42 3D system adopts intelligent optical tracking measurement technology and high-quality optical equipment. It carries out ultra-high precision dynamic 3D measurement without markers. This 3D system is widely applied to quality control, product development, reverse engineering, etc.

By freely switching multiple working modes, TrackScan-P42 caters to different scanning situations. 17 crossed blue laser lines enable ultra-fast scanning rate of       1,900,000 measurements/s and smooth experience. 7 parallel blue laser lines works for detail capturing. Single blue laser line aims to fast collecting 3D data of deep holes and dead angle positions.

The equipped wireless portable CMM T-Probe delivers flexible measurement, and precisely captures high-precision 3D data of gaps, hole positions, grooves and complex surface. By working with robot-arm, TrackScan-P42 can also realize intelligent online automated 3D inspection.

Operation Principles

  1. The E-Track can obtain the projection lasers from the object. The laser light deforms with the shape of the object. The lasers will deform when the scanner moves on the object surface. And then we can calculate the linear 3D information from the lasers since the E-Track is accurately calibrated in advance.
  2. The E-Track can timely recognize the accurate spatial position of the scanner by tracking technology.
  3. The 3D position information where the lasers go through can be acquired by utilizing the linear 3D information and relative spatial position when scanner moves, thus form the continuous three-dimension information

    Intelligent Tracking Without Markers
    With intelligent optical tracking measurement, TrackScan-P42 3D system delivers instant scanning without markers.
    Greatly improving work efficiency and decreasing cost.
    Unrivaled-fast & Detail-maker

    • 17 crossed blue laser lines enable ultra-fast scanning rate of 1,900,000 measurements/s and smooth experience.

    • 7 parallel blue laser lines work for detail capturing.

    • Single blue laser line aims to fast obtain 3D data of deep holes and dead angle positions.

    • Easily capture 3D data for shiny and black surface.

    • Strong anti-interference capability of environment, vibrations and thermal variations

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